Loving oneself is not hard, when you understand who and what ‘yourself’ is.  It has nothing to do with the shape of your face, the size of eyes, the length of your hair or the quality of your clothes.  It’s beyond all those things and it’s what give life to everything about you.  Your own self is such a treasure…Phylicia Rashad.  True, some may consider self-love as being egotistical, narcissist or being prideful.  However, healthy self-love is tied into our relationship with God.  We understand our Creator loves us more than we love ourselves.  Hence, generating within us humility and realistic self-love.  It’s about accepting all of yourself in the way our Creator accepts you.  Thus we see, feel, think, and believe;  we’re worth loving.  Honestly, practicing and expressing self-love is a process.  I think our experiences in life impact our journey of self-love.  I believe in our seasons of life, our self-love may adjust.  For example if someone deeply wronged us or we made a mistake, having forgiveness become a part of our self-love can be healing.  Perhaps, a sound self-love is imperative before we can expect others to love us.  I want M to have a healthy self-love.  I have faith this will be another tool enabling him to deal with any struggles in life.  Yesterday, I gave M a wipe to clean his mouth.  He surprised me by going to a mirror.  He kept turning his head different ways.  I watched as he made various facial expressions.  He finally said “M!”,  as if he finally discovered himself.  I said “Yes M, that is your reflection.”  He said “love you!” while still looking into the mirror.  I realized he was giving self-love.  M is reminding me of the amazing beauty and power of wholesome self-love, especially when it’s align with our Creator’s view of us!

Simply an autism mom thinking




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