A hug is like a boomerang, you get it back right away…Bill Keane.  I believe a sincere and honest hearted hug can be comforting in giving emotional support or reassurance during critical moments.  Yes, a hug can do amazing good in generating positive energy into our daily routine.  Honestly, a hug is a personal thing.  We’re inviting someone into our personal space which goes beyond a handshake.  In my life so far some of the most memorable and endearing hugs has been with my grandmother, mom and my aunt Cat from Mississippi.  They would give the most warmest deepest bear hugs, arms spread open with full on embrace.  I promise, you could feel their pure love for you.  I still cry when I think about how much I miss their hugs.  I don’t think you ever outgrow needing a hug.  Maybe, that is one of many beautiful elements to being human.  Unsurprising, a sincere hug can do wonders for a child.  My M hugs differently.  I am learning for M hugs are something earned.  I think since hugs require an invitation into personal space, M struggles with finding a balance between not feeling awkward and spatial anxiety.  Hence, I do think it’s respectful and considerate to ask M for permission to hug.  Yes, often times his reaction will be no.  However for the rare few people he allow, oh what a blessing.  Truthfully, no one should feel offended.   I am his mom and I still have to ask for a hug.  Sadly, the older M gets hugs are becoming scarce.  This does hurt my heart as a mom.  Perhaps every mom feels like this, I think it’s in our DNA to love on our children.  Today was a real treat for me, M let me hug him at least six times.  He generally turn sideways to allow me to hug him, never extending his arm out to hug back.  However, I am thankful that he does let me add a kiss on the forehead.  He often say “Kiss, kiss” to me after a hug.  M is reminding me a sincere hug sure can make a hard day less stressful and an easy day joyful…I cherish every hug from M!

Simply an autism mom enjoying a hug



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