I think we love bacon because it has all the qualities of an amazing sensory experience.  When we cook it, sizzling sound is so appetizing, the aroma is maddening, the crunch of the texture is so gratifying and the taste delivers every time..Alex Guarnaschelli.  This past weekend, I cooked some bacon for breakfast.  I promise the aroma of bacon lured M to the kitchen table.  In general whatever I cook, I fix a plate for M.  Sadly, he rarely eat my cooking or anybody else’s.   His beautiful complex brain connects everything to his sensory experience.  Hence no matter what it is, if it does not connect with a sensory, it gets rejected by his brain.  On the other hand, if something do connect but is deem to overwhelming to process, his brain get jumbled in confusion.  In which case, I have learned M often need space and time to regulate his thoughts/emotions.  However on this day, M picked up the bacon on his plate.  He smelled, touched and licked the bacon.  Finally, he ate it!  Yes, the bacon connected with all of his sensories perfectly.  In fact, M not only ate his bacon but mine as well.  He could not contain himself in the chair, M kept jumping up and down with an occasionally leg kick. That bacon had my M on a happy sensory high.  Watching M sensory experience to bacon has reminded me of how wonderfully we’re design by Jehovah, God.

Simply an autism mom enjoying bacon




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