Everyone has a different life story.  Things happen rapidly for some, and things more slowly for others…Barun Sobti.   We’re all gifted with a life story.  Finding and understanding our purpose by our Creator, I think it’s what will give our life story true beauty.  Everyday we face real life situations, thus making some life story more complicated than others.  However everyday we live, we write a page in our life story.  Yes, each day is a blank/fresh page waiting for us to fill it with our life choices and even our mistakes.  Our yesterdays become pages of  our history.  True, sometimes our pages in our life story are filled with pain and heartache.  Perhaps, that’s why some prefer to keep their life story private.  However, in my heart I believe at the end of everyone’s page there is hope.  Perhaps our life story not only has pages but chapters, maybe each chapter feature a comedy or a drama or a romance.  Whatever the chapter or page, our life story may hold a message of inspiration for someone, even sometimes when we feel our life story is falling apart.  Yet even when we’re overwhelm in writing our life story, our faith steady our hands to keep writing.  I am finding motherhood to be a unique chapter in my life story.  My pages in this chapter is full of emotions and responsibilities.  M has given me some beautiful things to add to my life story.  It’s because of M that I was inspired to pen my first book ‘My Puzzle… Complete Book 1: An Autism Tale’.  I wanted to share M’s life story on the autism spectrum so young children his age can understand and connect.  M everyday is reminding me, we can be uplifting to one another by filling our life story with kindness…more importantly with pages illuminating of our Creator love for us!

Simply an autism mom writing


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