If during childhood, you were fortunate to have a parent who drilled into you, ‘You can be anything you want to be if you try hard enough at it’, and then supported you in actions, that is something you take with you all your life…Mark Goulston.  Our childhood is an intricate part of our life story.  Childhood is where our foundation for learning necessities of life begin.  We build upon understanding how to handle emotional stresses, consequences for our actions, and overcoming our limitations.  Truthfully, each of these childhood growing processes can produce beautiful qualities of endurance, persistence, patience, kindness, honesty, hope, faith and responsibility; especially if we were bless with a grandparent or parent that bestowed upon us love and a spiritual heritage.  Sadly, some experience emotional/physical wounds during childhood.  It breaks my heart to know many are struggling to find themselves because  innocence of childhood were stolen.  I do have faith that every single childhood matters to our loving Creator. (Psalm 34:18)  Perhaps, everyone growing up has a childhood hero.  Mine was my mom and dad.  Honestly, it was not until I became grown that I realized they were beautifully imperfect humans.  However, in my childhood they were amazing and could do everything without a cape.  Maybe, that was my childhood development of creativity, wonder, and imagination.  I am thankful and bless to be reliving childhood from M perspective.  Today on the way home, I started singing ‘Old McDonald’.  A childhood favorite song of mine.  “E i, E i, O!” was M favorite part to say.  He would laugh each time he said it.  In those peaceful moments we connected. How ironic, in my childhood I couldn’t wait to be an adult; now in my adulthood I do enjoy the wonder of childhood.  I do love M’s childhood being a part of my life story.  Truthfully each day M childhood bring about unique experiences, I am hoping his childhood be full of moments that will inspire him to keep going…regardless of a cape…autism rocking!

Simply an autism mom hoping




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