Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Jean-Jacques Rousseau  It’s often stated that patience is a virtue that’s not always easy to practice. All of us face many issues or changes in our life that require us to be adaptive along with admitting if something is not in our ability to control in which case patience is critical. The very essence of patience goes beyond accepting or tolerating a delay, its encompass our attitude and behavior while we wait. Often times things aren’t clear right away but having patience and perseverance helps in a unique way of making difficulties disappear or lesson and obstacles vanish or shrink enough to step over in time. Patience with all things starts first with ourselves, the more we know ourselves the more likely we demonstrate patience towards what we see in others. The keys to patience is acceptance and faith. Becoming parents to a child on the autism spectrum heighten your capacity for love, understanding, and a new level of patience. You look realistically at your child potential and have faith with a whole lot of patience nurture them in the direction needed to be successful. Such endeavors of our child progress to success is not formed in a week or a month. It’s develop little by little day by day with patience and time. Noteworthy, I believe yelling, swearing or belittling a child or adult not to be hallmarks of a patient attitude or behavior. Having  patience in all things is difficult before they become easy. Last Saturday our M had an accident in which he cut his finger. In the past such incident would have been met with total meltdown and hours of trying to calm M down. However, months of therapy  is helping M learn various strategies to regulate his emotions. In truth it did take the assistance of other family members to treat his injury. However M managed to regulate his emotions in the mist of his injury, he kept repeating “Ok …Ok …Ok…calm down”. Yes, M did scream in between his self comforting words. I was proud that he was self-regulating with words. In fact less than an hour later, he was saying “All better.” M is teaching me with love, trust in our Creator, therapy and exercising patience go hand and hand…yielding forth amazing progress.

Simply an autism mom learning




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