Soup is a lot like family. Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristic, it need time to simmer to reach full flavor…Marge Kennedy.  In my heart family is a group of people who could be blood related or join together by marriage or dearest friends that stand by you closer than a brother or anyone you share a special connection that make you feel at home. Thus, family is everything because no one gets left behind or forgotten. Every family dynamic is a unique treasure. Often times we do not do realize how much we appreciate our family until we’re dealing with a life-threatening illness like cancer or raising a child on the autism spectrum or just going through changes in our life. Our family keep us grounded and help us not to feel alone in our life journey. Family fill our lives with precious memories. Yes, we can or should be happy being ourselves around our family. These are the ones who know us best and love us despite our flaws. Every family has disagreements at times, after all no one is perfect. In truth even when our family is driving us crazy, we still need our family. They’re a divine blessing to have as a support system, possibly they save us from drowning in despair.  It’s so beautiful when our family is around working together in unity and relying upon each others strength. I am what I am thanks to my mom, my dad, my brothers and my sisters…they believed in me. In turn I want M to know he has a family that loves and believe in him. I want him to feel welcomed and valuable like every member in our family. Today after therapy, M and I spent time together in a quite eatery. We laughed and ate good food. It was relaxing and M personality shined. When we walked out of the eatery, M took my hand and said “love you”.  M is teaching me our family is truly blessed to have him…life goes by really fast…enjoy quality time with family…those moments are priceless.

Simply an autism mom learning


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