If we consider the growth of trees, we can understand the meaning of patience. If we contemplate grass, we can appreciate persistence. Our life consist of obstacles, discouragements, impossibilities, mistakes, and learning. Hence we can choose to learn from these so as to have greater understanding and make any changes in our life for the better. Thus, every frustration or problems encounter we make the choice to be more patient and more persistence. Sometimes negative thinking patterns can undermine our endeavors to be persistent. However, we need positive confidence and faith never to give up on ourselves.¬† In doing so we will have the persistent effort to do our best possible under any and all circumstances. In truth, success is not the result of perfection but rather imperfect humans being persistent and learning from mistakes or failures. I have observed many parents with children on the autism spectrum displaying two beautiful characteristics; we’re aware of our child ability and we’re persistent. Yes, sometimes it’s not easy to admit we see problems in our child but our unconditional love enable us to be persistent enough to solve or get professional help to address our autistic child needs. In honest, every parent want to be nurturing, patience and persistent in helping their child be amazing. Our patience and persistence with our child help the tiniest ember of hope in their abilities become a blazing bonfire of endless possibilities. Today M had a professional haircut. In general such activity is met with obstacles of resistance by M. The buzzing sound of clippers and crowds is a sensory overload. However, these last few weeks M has been watching a clip on hair cutting as part of his therapy. Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Great Clips, M haircut experience is showing progress. This time M used self comforting words “ok…ok…am ok”… in between a little less screaming and kicking. Our perseverance and persistence yield forth M rocking a handsome haircut. M is teaching us these truths…we as parents cannot choose the day or time when our child make progress it happens in its own time…persistence in what seem hopeless can turn into glorious progress!

Simply an autism mom learning



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