The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate…Oprah Winfrey.  In definition life is summed as the condition that distinguishes something from inorganic matter, hence any matter that has the capacity to grow or reproduce or function or continually change before death it’s consider a life aka alive. In honesty, I see our human life far broader than these terms. Our life should be more than just surviving. We are blessed with the unique ability to have a spiritual connection which in turn allow us to love and be loved. I feel like our life when born is a blank canvas, our everyday life adds hues of color and various lines forming a work of art in which you or others or our creator may behold as beautiful. Noteworthy, each line or strokes of hues can not be erased but they can be enhanced upon or learned from before the next line or stroke is made. I am sure every human life has moments of happiness, tears, love, pain and hope. After all we’re all imperfect, at times we all may fall or get knock down in our life journey. It takes strength and faith to get back up/persistence. There will be storms in our life that we can prepare for and some that will take us by surprise. It’s a blessing to have family to help us weather the storm with patience, love, hope, and perseverance. I realize sometimes it can be a struggle to find the positive in life in the mist of a storm. However when we do take the time to see the beautiful things in our life, it leaves us in awe, hopeful and abound in array of peace. We’re like many families who with unconditional love want the best quality of life for our child with a different ability. As autism parents, we never give up on our child possibilities in life. We celebrate and savor each milestone our child make in life. Today, M actually slept to six a.m. He awoke with a smile and stated “schoo…schoo!” Yes, he actually wanted to go to school. We were so proud of M walking into the school and his classroom without distress/anxiety. In truth I cried because that moment in the mist of everything turn upside down in my life, I am overjoyed to see  M humming and being happy with his life. M is teaching me everyday we should choose life…be happy for every moment we get to give and receive love because the next moment is not promised…so be thankful.

Simply an autism mom learning





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