My favorite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious you create opportunities, and then if you open doors, you create possibilities…Maria Testirio. I often place my forehead against M forehead, for a minute we stare into each others eyes. M has amazing brown eyes, I can see infinite possibilities. “You are loved…I can do anything with divine help…possibilities are mine!” …M echo these words with me. I love when M than lean forward for me to kiss his forehead afterwards. Our goal as parents, regardless if our child is rocking a different ability, is not just about increasing knowledge but to cultivate divine wisdom into our child. This set the foundation to build positive possibilities for our child to be amazing. Of course as parents to a child on the autism spectrum, we sometimes readjust our perspective. This allow us to be open-minded to see new options or new possibilities for our child. If we choose even unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities in our life. I think the trick is allowing possibilities to inspire us, which in turn redirect our energy of frustration into persistence overcoming obstacles. Noteworthy, I am learning too many ‘what if’ statements can sometimes create unnecessary stress or worry impacting our ability to focus and take action on our possibilities. Sometimes as adults we set aside our imagination but its’ our imagination that excites or fuel our possibilities, after all imagination is a divine form of planning. In truth, our hope and faith allow us to dream what some may deem impossible. Hence, we’re transported from present moment into realm of endless possibilities. Yes, as parents we share incredible love for our child and abiding hope in believing society or our community would hold no barriers to our child possibilities…even a child with a different ability. In honesty, I do see possibilities in our M for everything autism has reconnected something of greater worthy has been given. M is teaching me everything is possible with our Creator … we need vision and courage…I see you M!

Simply an autism mom learning


One thought on “Possibilities

  1. Ah yes! This resonated with me, “our hope and faith allow us to dream what some may deem impossible.” God bless you and M and your continued skill as a loving parent. Thank you for sharing your optimism and its Source! ❤

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