Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough…Oprah Winfrey. Every year around autumn season many reflect on what they’re thankful for. In truth, everyday we’re bless to rise we should give thanks perhaps for the strength to keep fighting cancer or energy to raise a child with a different ability or a meager meal turn into a feast or place to rest our heads at night or a stranger who now is our family or a love one coming home. Gratitude/thankfulness opens the fullness of life. Our eyes and heart become open to turn what we have into enough and more. In fact feeling gratitude/thankful and not expressing it would be not showing a sense of respect or love toward others. Being thankful is a daily virtue that come natural for some while others strive to cultivate maybe in just saying thank you without expectation of anything in return. Noteworthy, everyone including myself at some point in life get down perhaps even depress. In that moment our inner light fade or blow out. If we’re bless with divine help of someone being sent to rekindle our light, that is beautiful by all means be thankful for that dear soul. Each day we demonstrate gratitude/thankfulness we’re not only being true to ourselves but we’re reflecting hope, kindness, and love to others. Hence, when we appreciate those around us just maybe we will attract others to want to be around us too. I am thankful for all the ups and downs with M that makes my life interesting. Yes, even the negative things in my life I am learning to be thankful because it has made me stronger and a better person. In honesty, I am thankful for autism being a part of M because it has taught me to look for the good in life, humility and true love…even today while helping M over a puddle of water he said “Thank you.” M is a miracle that never stop amazing me and reminding me to be thankful everyday!

Simply an autism mom learning

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