An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life…becoming a better  person –Leo Tolstoy. The very heart of our Creator name means ‘He causes to become‘. The Divine has the ability to become whatever to complete something such as our loving Father or Comforter in our time of distress. Also, our Divine has the power to cause something or anything  to become such as the creation of mankind in his glorious image. In truth I imagine all of us becoming the way our Creator want us to be in every aspect of our life, perhaps before opinions overload our minds or heart. I hope we find our true inner self becoming loving, kind, understanding, and giving. Becoming who you are as a human does not have to encompass dreadful fear, hate or bullying. In honesty our becoming the best possible person we can be means unmasking any pretense we may have to allow us to accept truth or reality while still being positive. This level of becoming takes time because it does require us to question our own truths and values. I suspect this would help us from becoming somebody we’re not. The older I get my understanding is that life gives us moments in which we can become more, we can become a better human being  no matter what the circumstances we may face in life. In becoming a better human being we just may become a beacon of light for others…a friend or comforter. I became a mom. Self-revelation help me in becoming who I need to be at this phase of my life… a resilient mom for M rocking the autism spectrum. Life is always changing or unpredictable, hence our becoming the person we need or want to be will also always be under construction. Yesterday, M had an awesome day. He did his physical therapy like a champion. He kept repeating after each task “yeah…did it” while smiling and clapping. I became a cheerleader and proud mom. M is teaching me these truths…M is becoming aware of what he is capable of…I want to inspire M in becoming the best person he can be…becoming M mom has turn my world upside down but I am thankful it is giving me the opportunity in becoming a better human being.

Simply an autism mom learning


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