Never be elated when someone’s oppressed, never dejected when another one’s blessed…Alexander PopeOften we’re reminded to count our blessings along with being thankful. Our life consist of moments of sadness or sometimes long patches of struggles. In the mist of all this hopefully we’re blessed with moments of peace and happiness.  In turn we will be thankful and cherish the little things in life-like reading a bedtime story to our child or deep hug from our mom. At the end and beginning of our day, our life should be about love and being thankful for any blessing bestowed upon us by our Creator. If we have a support system that shelter us not only in the good times but also in rough times, we’re truly blessed. In my heart we all need to look in the mirror on a daily basis to remind ourselves how blessed we’re…perhaps to have someone hold our hand when we’re afraid or someone who blessed us with a kind word of encouragement or our child kissing us goodnight. In truth we should also see how beautiful we’re not just physical but also our inner person of the heart. We’re blessed with so many possibilities or experiences in life-like being able to travel all over the world or being able sing beautiful. It’s a blessing to meet individuals who inspire us to become our best even in the mist of difficult times. I believe everyone is blessed to be amazing in their own way. I was blessed with wonderful parents. I am a reflection of both. My family tells me I am blessed with my mom smile and her southern hospitality, I am hoping for her big heart. This evening I played a DVD that was made by a dear friend of my mom after her passing. Yes, I cried. M came and sat next to me. I wanted M to see how blessed we were to have such a beautiful woman touched us with love. M laid his head against my arm and out the blue he said “doo…de”. He had remembered his Nanna nick name for him. M has taught me the importance of being blessed with family and dear friends who love us flaws and all.

Simply an autism mom learning





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