Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself…Plato. I believe the true sign of intelligence begin with understanding and accepting our Creator thinking or wisdom. It is our thinking that impact our heart and our action. We’re all created in the Divine image, thus we all have the beautiful ability to think verses been driven by instinct. We have to be careful each day not to let the thinking or opinions of others drown out our inner thinking which should be harmony with our Creator. If we do this, our thinking process would be governed by kindness, love, understanding, patience, thankfulness, happiness, and compassion. In truth these virtues create positive thinking in using our abilities to inspire creativity and motivation in everything we do. Not only that, our thinking process should take into consideration not everyone think or process alike. In fact we have the ability to change at any given point our thinking. Often times this can be a tug of war within our mind, questioning ourselves. Perhaps this is a way to keep us humbled. We should never underestimate our way of thinking about problems, life or the world. In honesty our sense of self-worth in tied up in our thinking…such as memories or expectations are always running through our subconscious like a broken record connecting with our emotions. As a mom of a child on the autism spectrum, I often readjust my thinking as to what is M weaknesses or strengths. I fight hard in my thinking not to be critical of M or myself along with not comparing M or myself to others. I am aware that my thinking affects M. Everyday I tell M “I see you”…repeat “I am smart”. I want M subconscious thinking consist of positive reinforcements of perseverance, creativity, health curiosity, kindness, and love. Unfortunately, no standardized test reflect such progress. M is teaching me the beauty of autism is all about thinking process…if M look confused he really is thinking or processing something or someone…it’s OK thinking process has stemming associate with it….such thinking process has real emotions attach to it and need to be completely process in order for M to have a peaceful mind to move on.

Simply an autism mom learning


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