You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing & overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages…Michelle Obama. We all have obstacles we need/want to overcome in order to become our best self. I think the first step is accepting or acknowledging what is hindering us from becoming amazing. True, it even means being honest about our fears. Honestly once we take this first step, we can focus our energy on  overcoming. Once M was officially diagnosis with autism, I needed to work in helping him overcome various challenges. I started by getting early intervention (Hand & Hand) involved with M. They taught M basic sign language to communicate simple needs. Next, I connected M with our state disability rehabilitation services. Of course, our local school board special education department become a part of helping M overcome barriers once he turned three. There have been countless IEP meetings of constant fine tuning M services to obtain progress. Additionally, I needed to find an amazing medical team that not only understand autism but importantly how it demonstrate within M. Often, It means traveling out town and countless hours of therapy in order to help M overcome obstacles. I am so grateful too for M lawyers that help us overcome legal issues. I noted all this because M needed help in overcoming insecurity, anxiety and fears. As a mom with a special need child, I too needed help in overcoming being overwhelm. M and I become more hopeful after overcoming a challenge. However, it is our faith that keep us courageous to face our challenges. Today was a major milestone, M overcoming obstacles to graduate kindergarten. He even made the all A honor roll.  M is teaching me these truths…M is not lost & there is always hope thanks to our Creator…M can overcome anything!

Simply an autism mom being proud



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