People think of those eureka moments & my feelings is that they tend to be little things, a little realization & then a little realization built on that…Roger Penrose. This week I had to change one of M therapy day to a Monday due to time conflict with his other medical appointment. By switching days, I was able to meet a new autism parent. Honestly, this mom was so sweet and beautifully taking care of three handsome boys. We talked and laughed together. Truthfully, I have met some awesome parents while M is at therapy or at the hospital.  I even had to privilege to meet a fellow awesome autism mom with a little girl while subbing  at our local school. I can’t forget about my other awesome moms from various congregations whom are my Facebook friends sharing their autism truths raising their child. It’s these connections that create eureka moments for M & I. I noticed when M is around a fellow peer on the autism spectrum he seem at ease. On Monday when our children finished therapy around the same time, both of our kids were hand flapping & smiling. Maybe they sense each other as being kindred souls. Eureka for me is the world feel not so big after all & illuminating I am not alone. I don’t know how to fully explain that comfort/encouraging feeling except to compare it to a cold sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon. Yes, our human interaction can be meaningful and refreshing. It can take our low moments in our day & turn it into a beautiful high. M is teaching me that eureka moments reveal we’re beautifully interconnected to other families on the autism journey & that is worth celebrating!

Simply an autism mom learning



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