It has been noted that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In truth being human has an unending linked with imitation. Perhaps a human being only becomes truly human by imitating other human beings. Of course, children learn to speak from observation and imitation. Lately M has started imitating words. This is often referred to as echoing. This occur when M can not understand a word or words of what he hear. In order to get hold of words, M often demonstrate this fact by repeating some word or words which he has been able to grasp. In this case echoing/imitation has degrees and stages of development. Thus, it is not a form of mockery. In honesty sometimes the process can be complicated for M. Hence, M may repeat something again and again until its’ completely processed. Since M is now a magnetic to words, I find the need to continuously keep monitoring what M hears. One day after school, M kept repeating the word ‘whisle’ aka ‘whistle’. For a whole week M kept repeating the word. The following week M started saying “I whisle” and proceeded to demonstrate. Upon visiting with M’s teacher, she noted how now M was repeating everything she said. Yes, M finally grasped the sentence/action ‘I whistle’. Now, M favorite sentence is ‘I whistle’. M taught me imitation today will one day lead to new thoughts which leads to speaking original thoughts…a door opening so many possibilities!

Simply an autism mom learning


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