Happiness is a beautiful butterfly. If we chase, it seem to always be outside our reach. However if we just stop and sit down in peace, just maybe it will alight upon us in beautiful glory. Our life encompass happiness and tears. In fact everyone is entitled to pursue happiness. However how an individual endeavor to achieve happiness is crucial because it doesn’t depend on any external conditions. It is governed by our mental attitude. Everyday each of us face negative situations that can create emotions within us to jeopardize our happiness. In truth indulging in such negativity is giving something outside our self power over our happiness. Happiness is a choice. It can not be postpone but rather it resides in the now. It does not come from being rich nor being successful. Instead it’s being content with what we do have. In turn, our mind is at peace where true happiness reside. Thus our thinking, words and actions become merge into harmony. I love the fact that happiness never decreases by being shared nor can it be owned or learned. It is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, creativity, kindness and thankfulness. Our family and friendships are lovely additions to our happiness. I found with M that happiness often happen in the most simplest of things. Today, M and I blew bubbles outside. M laughed as the bubbles cascaded around him. I honestly felt happy seeing his face lit up each time I blew bubbles. Later, M wanted a turn to blow. Interestingly instead of blowing the bubbles, he got such a kick out of pouring the bubble mixture onto the porch. He proceeded to jump in the puddles of bubbles. His laughter rang into the autumn air. M has taught me that moments of happiness we enjoy can take us by surprise…it capture us in the feeling of awe…happiness comes in bubbles!


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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart.-Helen Keller

Every human being has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is really beautiful. When we admire this wonder of beauty our soul extend in the worship of the Creator. I believe the essence of beauty of a person is not something physical but rather their inner secret person of the heart. It is the soul of an individual that can bring forth love, compassion and understanding such inner beauty never fades but grows more beautiful with the passing years. Hence, this type of beauty reflects in your eyes to see the awesomeness in others, in your lips to speak words of kindness, and in your style to walk with the knowledge that beauty is how you feel inside. In truth, the beauty of a person must be seen from within their eyes, because that is the gateway to their heart in which love dwells. It is important to remember we should never let the beauty we cherish or behold become diminish or obsolete due to perhaps popular ideology. I see and we see the undeniable beauty in our child. Regardless, if they’re rocking autism or any other different ability. Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it. It takes an open heart to accept and understand truth of beauty is so many shades and different internal flavors. I want M to cherish his inner spiritual beauty and love himself. Every morning before school we pray together. Afterwards, M repeat after me “I am smart.” Life is full of wonder and beauty, opening our eyes to the uniqueness of autism will help cultivate appreciation and understanding. M is teaching me this truth…I know who M is, he is not perfect, he is not the most beautiful human in the world, but he is one of them! 

Simply an autism mom learning



From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.-Dr. Seuss

Our imagination is a gift that helps us perhaps compensate for our shortcomings, on the other hand, our sense of humor provide consoling for our reality. Good humor is a refresher for our mind and body. It is the best remedy for anxiety and depression. It is a beneficial asset that attracts people. Good humor lightens our human burdens so as to have moments of peace and contentment. Yes, a good sense of humor can be a major defense against minor troubles. In truth everybody have their own style of humor. However, true beauty of humor is when you can be funny and kind without hurting somebody else’s feelings. A well-developed sense of humor add balance to your journey in life. It helps you see even perplexing problems in a new way. In honesty sometimes it takes time for me to see the humor in my upsets, I may not find something to laugh about immediately. Oh but when I do find humor it does ease my stress level. I have seen what laughter can do. It can transform overwhelming tears into something bearable even hopeful. Lately M has been having difficulty with school and therapy. In the mist of all this M has started to manifest a unique sense of humor. I love to hear M laugh at sometimes the oddest things. One day M was washing his hands and bubbles filled the sink. Out of nowhere, M started laughing at the bubbles. He kept squashing the bubbles and laughing. Later, M was still laughing about the bubbles in the sink. He said “Pop” and busted out laughing. That night when I put M to bed,  I whispered “bubbles…pop” and he laughed himself silly before snuggling into sleep. M is teaching me that despite our darkest moments having a sense of humor helps fight back the tears of pain and finding light.

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The divine definition of love is found at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, love is patient and kind…does not look for its own interest…it hears all things…hopes all things…love never fails. Yes, love is a strong emotion in which someone else happiness is very important to you. Hence you behave in a kind and caring way towards them, including the desire to protect and support them. Perhaps there is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. It is hard to find something more special than a love of a child. The depth of love we have for our child can not be measured. It’s continuous, therefore, like no other relationship we experience. It transcends everything, just when you think you can not possible love anymore somehow you find new depth in loving your child. It’s a different type of love that leaves you filled with a mixture of emotions including panic and overwhelming sense of responsibility. This love is a roll coaster ride of ups/downs and turns/twists in which you never stop loving. In truth, loving and raising an autistic child pushes you both physically and emotionally to the max. Our love for M is profound, because like every parent we worry so much every hour of the day about his well-being. Yet, at the same time we’re proud of M. This unconditional love help us to accept autism as a part of M beautiful make-up. Tonight after given M a lavender bath, he crawled up into the bed next to me for a bed time story. After the story, we said prayer and M said “Amen”. He leaned over to me and said “kiss kiss”. I kissed his forehead and cheeks. I watched him drifted into deep sleep. I never thought I could love so much to one little human being and find a million reasons why I do. Loving M has taught me to encourage his strength, celebrate his quirks, and to improve upon his weaknesses…yes, I have to work harder on some of this but that’s the essence of love.

Simply an autism mom learning



All of us have personal habits that’s unique. Such habits are patterns of repetition that often governs one life each day. For many children/adult on the autism spectrum such habits are sacred because they give deliberate structure to their life. In turn, structure allow them a sense of security. That sense of security help ground an autistic individual. Daily repetition matters when an autistic child is learning any particular skill or behavior. For example, a skill of riding a bike can be twenty minutes in a lesson or an hour practicing for a couple of weeks depending on a child’s development level. In truth, many things can be learned by the repetition under different conditions, even if the desired results was not obtained. In M case learning acceptable social behavior take repetition. The implementing and targeting specific behaviors for M to improve upon took the assistant of a behavioral specialist. As M’s mom, its heart-felt pain to see your child having difficulty adjusting to social situations such as school. Teaching M positive  thoughts such as manners (please/thank you) instead of screaming when asking for something or physical actions such as taking deep breaths instead of kicking when frustrated requires constant repetition. The underline goal is for such actions to develop into a habit, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex. It does take commitment and a whole lot of patience on the part of everyone in M’s autism community. However underneath all these difficult issues, I still see our beautiful M. I still shed tears over my son, not out of frustration but of fear. The fear that people may never see pass such behaviors to understand or love our son. I firmly believe any idea, plan, or purpose can be instilled in the lovely mind of M through repetition of actions and thoughts. Today on the way to therapy, I helped M get into the car. M said “Thank you”. M has taught me whatever we plant in his subconscious mind and nourish with repetition plus a whole lot of love will one day become a reality.

Simply an autism mom learning