From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.-Dr. Seuss

Our imagination is a gift that helps us perhaps compensate for our shortcomings, on the other hand, our sense of humor provide consoling for our reality. Good humor is a refresher for our mind and body. It is the best remedy for anxiety and depression. It is a beneficial asset that attracts people. Good humor lightens our human burdens so as to have moments of peace and contentment. Yes, a good sense of humor can be a major defense against minor troubles. In truth everybody have their own style of humor. However, true beauty of humor is when you can be funny and kind without hurting somebody else’s feelings. A well-developed sense of humor add balance to your journey in life. It helps you see even perplexing problems in a new way. In honesty sometimes it takes time for me to see the humor in my upsets, I may not find something to laugh about immediately. Oh but when I do find humor it does ease my stress level. I have seen what laughter can do. It can transform overwhelming tears into something bearable even hopeful. Lately M has been having difficulty with school and therapy. In the mist of all this M has started to manifest a unique sense of humor. I love to hear M laugh at sometimes the oddest things. One day M was washing his hands and bubbles filled the sink. Out of nowhere, M started laughing at the bubbles. He kept squashing the bubbles and laughing. Later, M was still laughing about the bubbles in the sink. He said “Pop” and busted out laughing. That night when I put M to bed,  I whispered “bubbles…pop” and he laughed himself silly before snuggling into sleep. M is teaching me that despite our darkest moments having a sense of humor helps fight back the tears of pain and finding light.

Simply an autism mom learning adorable-baby-boy-220574



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