The divine definition of love is found at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, love is patient and kind…does not look for its own interest…it hears all things…hopes all things…love never fails. Yes, love is a strong emotion in which someone else happiness is very important to you. Hence you behave in a kind and caring way towards them, including the desire to protect and support them. Perhaps there is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. It is hard to find something more special than a love of a child. The depth of love we have for our child can not be measured. It’s continuous, therefore, like no other relationship we experience. It transcends everything, just when you think you can not possible love anymore somehow you find new depth in loving your child. It’s a different type of love that leaves you filled with a mixture of emotions including panic and overwhelming sense of responsibility. This love is a roll coaster ride of ups/downs and turns/twists in which you never stop loving. In truth, loving and raising an autistic child pushes you both physically and emotionally to the max. Our love for M is profound, because like every parent we worry so much every hour of the day about his well-being. Yet, at the same time we’re proud of M. This unconditional love help us to accept autism as a part of M beautiful make-up. Tonight after given M a lavender bath, he crawled up into the bed next to me for a bed time story. After the story, we said prayer and M said “Amen”. He leaned over to me and said “kiss kiss”. I kissed his forehead and cheeks. I watched him drifted into deep sleep. I never thought I could love so much to one little human being and find a million reasons why I do. Loving M has taught me to encourage his strength, celebrate his quirks, and to improve upon his weaknesses…yes, I have to work harder on some of this but that’s the essence of love.

Simply an autism mom learning



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