The Porch

As a child in South  Carolina, I spent summers like so many children-sitting on my grandparents back porch with my siblings, spitting watermelon seeds into the garden…Jacqueline Woodson.   As I watched M play with bubbles on the porch, I thought some of my happiest moments was spent on a front or back porch.  Perhaps, our porch serve as a welcoming oasis.  I used to love sitting on my grandparents front porch, they would share some of their life wisdom.  Oh the countless times my siblings and I would help shuck corn, snap beans, sip sun tea or eat watermelon on their front porch.  Even when grown, I enjoyed every minute with my momma rocking on the front porch.  The laughter, stories and yes tears flowed freely on that porch.  As our circumstances seem to have changed in the blink of an eye (2 Timothy 3:1), finding peace and comfort is more priceless than ever.  “Bird, bird” M exclaimed.   “Yes M, that was a red bird”  I responded.  His brown eyes lighted up watching the red bird fly back and forth from the bird feeder.  Another beauty of M is that he live in the moment.  It doesn’t matter our world is upside down right now; he found peace and I am reminded of faith (Matthew 6:26).  I think our porch can be positive and an open platform to enjoy our time of togetherness.  Hopefully, we all enjoy a cup of coffee to wake up the morning or a cup of tea to say goodnight to the day on our porch.  As the sun began to settle, M took my hand to go inside.  “Go, inside” he said.  “Say, I want to go inside, please” I responded.  “I want go, please” M repeated.  Yes, it was time to say good night to the sweet smelling peppermint and lemon herb garden flourishing on our front porch.

Simply an autism mom finding hope from our front porch